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EximSoft is a technology services company providing innovative business solutions using emerging technologies for customers across US, Canada and Europe. Eximsoft operates from permanent offices in Raleigh NC, Ottawa Canada and caters to clients across a number of high-technology industries together with EximSoft Technologoes now Vision Comptech in Kolkata India. Eximsoft also partner with other software services provider for project specific solution and rapid time to Market.
Technology Services
Efficient technology services from US, Canada and India
Cost effective custom software development
Responsive application maintenance and management
End-to-end product realization
Quality driven independent testing
Rapid porting and migration of your application
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Cashless Meterless Parking and Reservation

In today's highly competitive world, more and more consumers are joining the mobile bandwagon and the demand for new, improved mobile applications is on the rise.

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Technology Services Made Simple - See how Eximsoft can simplify your mobile application development.
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Customer Speaks
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"Nowhere are the rigors of programming and quality control more essential than the e-security sector...Our director in charge of this project had significant experience dealing with offshore vendors while he was employed at Nortel. He felt comfortable that EximSoft's experience, access to uniquely skilled resources and pricing philosophy would provide optimal results for Entrust Technologies."

Hans Downer
Sr. VP of Global Professional Services
Entrust, Canada


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